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YSJA (依生君安) rabies vaccine is the first aluminum-free lyophilized rabies vaccine launched in China, and has been administered approximately 93 million doses for post-exposure protection against rabies.

YSJA (依生君安) rabies vaccine is produced at our GMP-certified plant. Using fixed CTN-1 strain to produce vaccine in Vero cells, YSJATrabies vaccine has advantages such as improved suitability for rabies in China, high immunogenicity and established safety profile. In addition, the adoption of purified Vero cell technology offers several mass production advantages, such as high production scalability, demonstrated safety and efficacy profile, enhanced convenience and ensured purity.

YSJA (依生君安)rabies vaccine is currently marketed among 1440 county level CDC across China.

We are actively pursing the product registration and commercialization partnerships related to YSJA (依生君安) rabies vaccine in other countries.